Covid 19 and the effect on the folk scene

4th March 2021 – Hi everyone. I thought I’d pop a comment on the web site as we hopefully are coming to the end of the second lockdown. The world of entertainment ground to a halt in March 2020 with the Covid 19 pandemic putting an end to most live events across the globe. Our last gig was a great night in front of a full house at The Red Lion in KIngs Heath Birmingham in October 2019 along with an audience who have grown old gracefully alongside us!

The music world became inventive with the aid of new technology and managed to provide on line entertainment to keep everyone going during these difficult days. In the early days of the first lockdown, Chris and myself tried to collaborate over the internet, failed miserably and gave up.

We had the pleasure of seeing our good friends Mad Jocks and Englishmen in action just before it all closed down and had discussed the idea of doing something together in the coming months. Who knows if this will ever happen now. The long months of isolation have taken a toll on voices, guitar playing hands and on the desire to be in a crowd, to say nothing of Chris’s flirtation with the virus back in October!

We are OK – we were both teachers, are retired and have good pensions coming in. For us, Malfunction was always a hobby, a bit of fun. However, for many, it was a career, the only source of income. What life has been like for professional artists on the folk scene we can only imagine.

At the time of writing this we are approaching the 45th anniversary of the first gig that Malfunction performed. Chris and myself along with former original member Dave Ashton did a three song set at the Bell and Pump in Edgbaston Birmingham. Dave went on to have a successful musical career and me and Chris just went on and on and on! Will there be more to write, other gigs to report? A good question indeed!

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